Continuing Professional Development Groups 

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a requirement for all counsellors and psychotherapists. It is usually requirement for most professionals. The following monthly groups are open to anyone from any modality unless otherwise stated to be for a specific group. 

Online Monthly Supervision Group for Therapists starting in September 2023

This monthly group is for counsellors and psychotherapists who are looking for supervision of their a clinical practice. Therapists of any modality are welcome. The group meets one Friday a month. Each group will be agenda led depending on the needs of those who are present. Cost £75 per session. 

Online TEW Preparation Group starting in September 2023

This group is for anyone who wishes to undertake the EATA or ITAA Training Endorsement Workshop. The sessions will cover preparation for all aspects of the TEW from writing the TPO, sharing information on different learning theories and supervision models, to practice supervision and training sessions. Cost is £75 per session. 

Online TSTA Exam Preparation Group starting in September 2023

This bi-monthly group is for PTSTAs seeking exam preparation. There will be opportunities for supervision of teaching and  supervision of supervision as well as time for discussions to help you pass the Theory, Organisations and Ethics exams. Each session will be agenda led depending on the needs of those who are present. Cost £55 per session. There are two groups, one meeting on a Friday afternoon and the other on a Saturday morning. 

Online Professional Development Group for trainers and supervisors starting September 2023. 

This monthly group is meets either on one Friday a month for 3 hours, or bi-monthly (also on a Friday) for 3 hours the cost is £75 per session. The primary focus is on professional development and growth, rather than on exam preparation. Each session will be agenda led according to the needs and wishes of the participants. To give you an idea some of the agenda topics may include such things as:

  • Supervision on supervision or training
  • Trainer development whether within an training centre setting or freelance
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Training opportunities
  • The trials and tribulations of running an training centre
  • The wider perspective of training e.g. working with other organizations
  • The use and misuse of power in training
  • Peer support
  • Writing articles, books etc.
  • Anything that relates to the training and supervision.

If you're interested in any of these groups please contact Cathy for more details. 

If you are looking for a CPD workshop on a specific topic please do let us know.